Dallas vocals in Liverpool

22.08.2011 – OK, let’s do this in English for a change. The Dutch speak English, the English speak English, the Americans speak English too, so it makes sence. We already reported on Steve England’s retirement in july and the surprise party he got in the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool with a band  called ‘Mrs. Inez’ – organised by his wife Barbara and his children Simon and Julia.  There was strong delegation from Texas too. Ken Justiss (of TM fame) was one of them. He says: “Mr. Inez  is the funky nickname of Johnny Hooper, a jingle composer friend and singer in the Dallas jingle industry.  He and his band and vocalists were in a daze once they found out they could perform at the Cavern at the party”. And on tour they went: on the photo below – taken by Ken are (left to right): Kara & Dave Giangiulio, Drew Hunter, Kay Sharpe, Johnny Hooper, Char Justiss, Debby Hooper, Mike Medina, Barry Hicks, and Molly & Danny Grogan. Jon & Mary Lyn Wolfert (of JAM) , whose schedule precluded making the trip, sent a custom-produced audiovideo greeting for Steve. To commemorate the unique performance, Ken used his production skills and made a concert PROMO (‘for no real reason’). He was the  man who did the famous demos for TM Alternative and Airworks and many more.  Of course everyone made the grand Beatles tour. In the home of John Lennon at 251 Menlove Avenue was a ”gleaming moment”, says Ken. John and Paul often rehearsed in the entryway where ’the echo was just right’, as the guide explained. “Upon hearing this, our band’s vocalists, some of the best in the world, spontaneously and gently filled the antechamber. Then they sang, a cappella and in multi-part harmony, John’s beautiful “Because.”  Dallas vocals in Liverpool.  Ken: “After this moving tribute, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including the tourguide’s.”