At last: the Noordzee double album

23.01.2020 – This is a message for our English listeners. It is 50 years to the day the first sounds emerged from the Mebo II. Only rarely there would be a dull moment in the life of Radio Nordsee/Radio Northsea/Radio Noordzee, in the years that followed from this small European coaster in dazzle painting. Jacob van Kokswijk, who later became an international professor dr. was a faithful listener in nearby Leiden. He was in the Noordzee-studios every week. And he was the one to compile the double-lp ‘History of Radio Nordsee’, a huge success in 1973. No wonder, both the albums contained SOS messages, a bomb attack, a drifting ship and a governement (the British) that jammed the sounds from the ship. Jacob was asked to make a follow up. He called the album A day in the life of Radio Northsea. No narrator this time, just the programs of the Dutch service between the early opening and the final close down in August 1974. And cherry picked from the years 1972-1974. Unfortunately the LP was not to be. When the station Radio Noordzee Nationaal became legal in the nineties the plan also failed to release the tapes as a double CD. Jacob hold on to his masters for decades. Our Jingleweb digitally processed his tapes and today, on the RNI birthday, they are a free download. You find the cd’s HERE and HERE. We also made new artwork, in Dutch, just like Jacob van Kokswijk intended. Just make it a DIY project. Print out the cover, burn two cd’s and there you have it…. a copy of the CD that never was. The artwork is on the Jingleweb Facebook.