JAM tribute aan sir George Martin



jam10.03.2016 – George Martin, de gisteren ontslapen Beatles-producer, wordt overal geëerd om zijn grote betekenis voor de muziek. Ook door Jon Wolfert, baas van JAM Creative Productions in Dallas, dat is de vooraanstaande jingle-fabriek in Amerika. Hij schrijft vandaag op zijn FACEBOOK-pagina: “We are saddened to learn of the passing of Sir George Martin. He was a musician, arranger and producer extrodinaire, who was an irreplaceable asset to The Beatles. We never worked with him directly, but about 20 years ago we created a custom jingle package for a London radio station which George owned a portion of. As we began to do the mix, I looked over to the program director who had come over to Dallas for the sessions, and I asked “Will George Martin hear these?” The client replied, “oh yes, certainly.” All I could say was “Well, then, I will sit up straight and mix these the best I can!” After a few minutes I laughed and added “He sent us The Beatles, and this is what we’re sending back?” I heard later on that he did like what we had done. A small thing, but it meant a great deal. RIP, Sir George”. –